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pencil vs. camera

Or, the genius of Ben Heine. Originally, I was going to show you two or three but it was impossible to choose. I wish we were able to do something like this in art class. Well really, I merely wish I had art class. I digress. You can see more of Ben’s awesomeness here.

Also I love this girl. She posts covers of all the best artists (in my opinion) under the name “unaffectedbytheaccepted.” Here’s my current favourite:



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hey jude

Best Beatles cover yet.
(Love the little bow at the end…and the head bobbing throughout!)

And also, just in case you were confused by that cute
(but sometimes inaudible) rendition:

Here‘s the legendary original (did you know it reached number one on both the British and American charts?) in case toddlers in diapers are not your fancy. While we’re on the topic (sort of), what is your favourite Beatles song? Favourite baby cover? Also, can someone please explain to me how singing a sad song when you’re feeling down will make you feel better? Na, na, naaaaa! I don’t understand!


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