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chicken vs. penguin

Marko Slavnic was the lucky winner of ONE HUNDRED GRAND back in January when he submitted this video to the Nikon “A Day Through Your Lens” challenge. The judges were Raiin Wilson (aka the outrageous Dwight from “The Office”), Justine Ezarik (who I secretly think is a bit of a ditz on her vlog, ijustine), and Chase Jarvis (who I hadn’t heard of but apparently shoots commercials for the likes of Pepsi and Apple).  Anyway, take a look at the video – I promise that you’ll laugh, or at the very least, smile.

P.S. How low would you go to bring in some money? I guess I can’t really complain. My worst jobs have been delivering newspapers in the rain and changing diapers at one in the morning.  What about you? Would you ever consider putting on a chicken suit? (It wouldn’t really be all that bad…there is a certain amount of anonymity once you put on the furry mask and, as this video seems to suggest, also a little romance.)


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