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chai tea, compliments of lucy knisley

So I ventured into the graphic novels section at the library (yes, very daunting – the way all the books seem to be competing for your attention. Garfield tries but he really has nothing on Spiderman.) and pulled out a new favourite: Make Yourself Happy by Lucy Knisley. It’s basically a mish-mash of her everyday life, translated into comics. Since she is describing her day-to-day activities the stories themselves aren’t that exciting. And I must admit they aren’t hugely funny but her continual sarcasm is at least chuckle-worthy. Anyway, after moaning through the pains of publishing her first book and going on a weird chug-some-lemons diet she gets to writing down a few recipes! I was dreaming of chai tea and there it was, simple and with cute pictures! So – at the risk of copyright infringement – I thought I’d give you a sample. Just don’t tell anyone I gave it to you.

P.S. I almost forgot! This one’s especially sent out to Seana, in an attempt to cure her of her money-grabbing Starbucks obsession. Stop buying those chai tea lattes and make your own! To everyone else: I hope the new year’s treating you well (or the back-to-school/work one, at least) and when the thought of fast-approaching Fall gets you down, sip some spicy chai and all will be better. Promise!  More about lifting the gloomy Fall spirits to come. 


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