the secret world of fit people


In the back of my mind, I’ve always dreamt* of joining the secret world of fit people. Trust me, there is an unofficial secret society. Or maybe not so secret if you think about it. Look at your next-door-neighbour, you know the one that goes jogging every morning at five a.m.? Bet she’s in it. That teacher at school who goes on and on about the wonders of celery sticks for your health? He’s in it too. And those two old people who bike by your house every Saturday in their weird lay-down-and-pedal bikes? They’re definitely in it. Yeah, I’m putting the club down…but that’s only because I really, desperately want to be in it.

I’d like to be able to stroll into my gym class, lie down on the mat, and do fifty sit-ups.
In a row.
Without gasping uncontrollably.
Or letting my feet fly up in the air.

I’d like to eat only fruit and veggies.
Without relenting for my usual late-night pig out of Ruffles Regular Ripple.

I’d like to teach myself to stick a sour-key in my mouth and cringe at the amount of sugar. (It’s quite tragic really that I’ve long lost that ability…my taste buds are immune!)

I’d like to bike to school everyday and meet up with all my environment-fanatic buddies at the bike rack. (We would most definitely glare at all the cars nearby and tut at the sight of their exhaust.)

I’d like to go running so early in the morning that I could watch the sun rise as I huff and puff.

But most of all, I’d love to feel pain. Let me clarify – not deep, gut wrenching pain but that satisfying ache you get in your thighs and your abs and really, all parts of your body after working out successfully. It’s just a nice little reminder of all the push-ups and pedaling and [trying to think of another “p” word] …prancing (?) you did and how it was all worth while. How maybe, if tomorrow you do some more push-ups, and pedaling, and –yes– prancing, those fit people will finally let you into their club.

P.S. Have you ever wanted to join a secret society? Maybe the music-lovers club or the in-the-know movie critics? Tell me how it worked out – especially if they granted you membership!

* “Dreamt” is a word, right? I’m not going insane. Stupid wordpress has been underlining a lot of my hard work with their insulting red lines and I can’t take it anymore.



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3 responses to “the secret world of fit people

  1. Micaela

    I have always wanted to join the club of people E. P. thinks are cool :S

  2. I agree Micaela 🙂 Em if you think it’s cool? It’s REALLY COOL ❤

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