strawberry frapp

This goes out to anyone who has ever cracked open a cookbook and panicked. In the style of Recipe Look (which is simply, deliciously amazing) I drew up my own strawberry frappuccino recipe.  (Hardly any text, just pictures.) Try it out and tell me what you think. While you’re blending it up, listen to a little Kate Nash (my latest obsession). I would recommend “Foundations” or “Skeleton Song.” You’ll probably be sipping on your delicious frapp before the music’s done playing – it really is that quick. And, yes, I realize I forgot a “c” in frappuccino. Just go ahead and drink your drink and be quiet.

P.S. I was featured on Recipe Look! Check it out!



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2 responses to “strawberry frapp

  1. alm9

    OMG, I saw it on the website! That is so cool Emily! Also, I need to try this delicious looking recipe out…

  2. Wow! Nice drawing btw 🙂 My stomach is growling!

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