stuff i shall accomplish this summer

I am determined to break my usual summer pattern of doing absolutely nothing and have resolved instead to work my way through the list below. In no particular order, this summer I shall:

1. convince my mom to let me chalkboard paint my wall
2. learn acoustic guitar (and play like this guy)
3. somehow find myself a guitar
4. attempt a minimum of 2 books each week (open for suggestions!)
5. possibly start a vlog on YouTube to report on said books (aka force myself to read because -hopefully- someone’s counting on me) in the style of these lovely Brits
6. dye my hair purple
7. paint something awesome (in my wildest dreams, something like this)
8. take stupid G1 test (and rule the roads!)
9. prepare for grade eight RCM exam (violin)
10. blog about things that matter (like the geniuses over at Lost At E Minor)
11. watch more classic movies
12. cook something new each week (with the help of Roald Dahl’s granddaughter, The Delicious Miss Dahl)
13. play tennis like Serena Williams (high-pitched squealing included)
14. beef up my iPod playlists (with Manchester OrchestraSufjan Stevens, William Fitzsimmons, and Lauryn Hill to name a few)
15. camp out in backyard with friends
16. bike to work (on the road, man!)
17. scour the racks at VV Boutique (Value Village for those of you who aren’t thrift store cool)
18. eat fudgesicles with my bro in the middle of the night and look at the stars
19. go to the AGO, ROM, and Shoe Museum in Toronto
20. make my own cookies-and-cream ice cream

What are you up to this summer? Do you have any suggestions for what I should read, watch, cook, listen to, or paint? Better still, any strategies to convince my mom that chalkboard paint is awesome and not “just another way to make my room messy”?



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5 responses to “stuff i shall accomplish this summer

  1. ElDeckardo

    I am still flabberghasted by the fact that you want purple hair. Also, I saw the hp musical; funny. Got a bit singy at parts but was good.

    • finally found some wi-fi. am over in england and the brits seem even more protective of their internet than us canadians (the country’s still very beautiful though). as for your comment…ha,ha! yet another musical you liked! soon you’ll be singing along to “the sound of music”. don’t battle the inevitable – you’re a born musical lover! and to address your disbelief in me having purple hair…you just watch me!

      • ElDeckardo

        Don’t let the word of my love for musicals get out >.>

        And yo dawg you in England! That’s so sweet. Do they really drink as much tea as one would believe?

        And I STILL don’t think you’re hair’s going purple Trudeau.

  2. Seana

    You must go to the Bata shoe museum. It is awesome!!!!! 🙂 Have fun in the united kingdom!!!

    p.s. you should also go to the beaches in toronto and get some organic truffles:):)

  3. alm9

    Seriously, I think the purple is a great idea, take it from someone who tried it, and will be doing it again. ’tis great fun…. have fun across the world!

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