500 days of summer

I realize that I’m reviewing this film a whole year (or maybe even more) after its release but…too bad! It needs to be addressed! There are way too many people who have been ludicrously deluded by this supposedly “romantic” indie. First of all, it can’t even be deemed “indie” anymore seeing as it grossed over $60 million and was picked up by Fox. Don’t use your supposed “indie” status to make people feel like they’re having some sort of exclusive cinematic experience when really they’re watching the same movie as millions of other “I’m-cultured-because-I-watch-little-known-films” wannabes!

Secondly, what’s with the tagline “This isn’t a love story, it’s a story about love” ? I’ll skip talking about how stupid that sounds and move on to how entirely inaccurate that statement actually is. The whole plotline centres on a boy who’s hopelessly (and pathetically) obsessed with a thoughtless, stuck-up girl who’s incapable of loving anyone. Upon meeting Summer (the girl) at the office, Tom (the boy) declares that he is in love. After following her around and playing her favourite music whenever she passes his desk and generally swooning after her, Tom eventually gets what he wants. Or at least he thinks he does. Truth is, Summer is incapable of love. Even later on in the film when she decides to marry another hopelessly entranced young man, the whole thing is entirely unconvincing. Usually it’s the other way around, right? I mean, girls tend to be the ones searching for a fairytale relationship while guys pretend to be Mr. Prince Charming in order to get them in bed. Poor Tom, he was willing to risk everything for Summer and she just threw it back in his face. Is that love?

So you’re probably sitting there right now thinking, “Wow this girl has a lot of angst…I bet her boyfriend just dumped her or she’s PMSing or she’s in a post-Twilight-reading depression.” Wrong on all three accounts! Just to prove it I will gush on and on and on about what I liked about the film. I liked the soundtrack (which you can listen to without buying the DVD). I liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who you can stare at and drool over for hours if you just google him). I liked the end (which I can describe for you now: there were credits and then a black screen and then it was OVER!!!).

Congratulations on listening to me whine. I shall reward you with this. Oh and I guess I’ll let you watch the actual trailer if you promise not to go buy the movie.


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