potato wedges

This past weekend I was completely overwhelmed by the neverending slew of things I had to get done. Over the course of 48 hours I had to perform in three concerts (violin), write an history essay I had left to the last minute, cram for a trigonometry test, and read To Kill a Mockingbird (or, as my friend likes to call it, To Mock A Killingbird). As I prepared for the onslaught of several stress-related breakdowns, I turned to food as my one consolation. Oh food, glorious food! How is it that stuffing something into your mouth never fails to calm the spirit? This leads me to the wonder found in spicy potato wedges. I am telling you: never underestimate the potential of a humble potato! (That, as well as your abilities in the kitchen.) Another monumental discovery: a cookbook even I can understand! While searching through the children’s section at the library (yes, I’m that cool) I found the easiest recipe book on the planet. It has pictures and numbers and little caution symbols accompanying the steps involving knives or (God forbid!) an oven. Plus, the list of ingredients are all things I recognize and actually have in my house (none of that “celtic salt” crap from Martha Stewart). Anyway, here’s the recipe for the simple food which saved my weekend.

Potato Wedges

-Three medium potatoes
-Olive oil
– Chives
– salt (any kind will do!)
– pepper
– All Spice
– cinnamon

1) Set oven to 400 degrees F
2) Cut potatoes into wedges
3) Place potatoes in a pot of boiling water for 8 min.
4) In a bowl, mix together potatoes and all other ingredients
5) Place on non-stick cookie sheet and bake in oven for 20 to 25 min., turning potatoes occasionally
6) Remove from oven and serve. (Good with ketchup and a glass of milk!)

If you’re interested here‘s the cookbook that made it all possible. (Sounds like I’m accepting an Oscar or something.)


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