bookshelf inspiration

Books are beautiful. I think I would pick a shelf of books over a piece of art any day. (That is, if the shelf looked like one of those below.) Tell me, which bookshelf do you like best? Do you like the floor-to-ceiling look or would you go with the lazily arranged spiral staircase option? While you’re at it, why not list a few of your favourite books? Currently, I’m liking Laura Barber’s “Poems for Life” and Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”.



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3 responses to “bookshelf inspiration

  1. Do I have to pick just one?!

    I love them all!

    – L @ Crazy Agnus

    p.s. my all-time favorite book? The Art of Table Dancing 🙂 I forget who it is by but it is a fabulous book!

  2. <333333333 I am drooling… I don't particularly care for that, as you very kindly put it, 'lazily arranged spiral staircase' (unfortunately that's what my book collection looks like most of the time – in stacks all over the floor) but I love love love the one before it. Your blog is a very good place to look at beautiful things I can't afford 😛

  3. That’s amazing!! I really love the modern ones…so cool, so cool.

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