fin de la semaine

My new goal is to post at least once a week (hopefully every Sunday afternoon) . . . and I’m relying on you to hold me to it!!! My other goal is to have a closet like this one (above) someday. Imagine! It would be so easy to pick your outfits everyday (especially if all your dresses were so beautiful) and the string of clothes would double as a piece of art in your bedroom. Wonderful! Tell me, do you have any ideas of what your dream house would look like? Pam from “The Office” dreams of having a terrace outside her bedroom window, complete with colourful flowers. (Hilarious show – you can watch full episodes for free here.) Have a wonderful week!



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3 responses to “fin de la semaine

  1. alm9

    Great goals!! I’m trying to post more often too…If you don’t post every sunday, I’ll leave a comment with a sad face like this:


  2. I love The Office! Jim (heart)…anyways! yes, that is a spectacular way to display AND hang your clothes!

  3. bejabbersquack

    Good for you roz! Posting regularly feels good – okay just kidding, I can’t really say because I don’t post enough either, but I imagine it would be very fulfilling 😛 my dream room would probably be obnoxiously girly; canopy bed, my own bathroom, pink walls, hardwood floors and duh, a balcony. Kinda embarrassing to admit, but I would love something like that 🙂 all the girls I knew in elementary school had that sort of pink frou-frou stuff and I was too awkward and nerdy to want any of that silly princessy nonsense, but now I wish I had it…

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