play by play of my day

If you care to read:
Went to bed insanely early last night due to stomach cramps.
Woke up several times during night, groaning in pain.
Guess what greeted me in the morning? Right, again – stomach pain!
Stayed home all morning, lying on couch.
Forced myself to school in afternoon so I could go to English (yes, I am that cool, thank you).
Somehow made it through my shift at work and then came home to an hour and a half of studying for tomorrow’s Math test.
Dreading, dreading, dreading.
Have high confidence in my bombing that test.
So nice to be sure of things in life.
Have to think of a movie costume to wear to a party.
Thinking of something involving blue hair.
Would be quite fashionable for church the next day, don’t you think?

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3 responses to “play by play of my day

  1. Oh, that sounds awful!!! 😦 I hope you feel better soon. And of course I’m sure you’ll do fine on the math. Even if you didn’t, I think you can afford it with your grades 😛
    for the movie party I’m a bit stuck too. I’m sleeping over the night before so I can’t really get together a costume :S I am just waiting for this week to end… Too much stuff going on at once.

  2. Don’t wear a costume is it’s stressing you out! I’m sorry!

  3. Maëlle

    How did your math test go today you needed my calculator for?? (now you know who it is:))
    What did you think of the string quartet!? I was actually enthralled I enjoyed it so much! It was much better then last year I think 🙂

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