valentine’s day plans

Valetine’s Day is fast approaching.  At the risk of huge embarassment, I will let you in on a secret. My friends have proposed a “friendship party” (aka a “let’s eat ice cream and cry about our singleness together” party). We’ll watch romantic movies and dream of the guys we’re destined to meet someday (where are they now?). I am not ashamed to admit, I think it will be a lot of fun.  Are you doing anything fun? (Warning: if you say you’re going on a date with your beloved I will throw pie at you!)



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3 responses to “valentine’s day plans

  1. Four eyed sad face ::( I’m bringing the kleenex.

  2. Well I am clearly better than all you singletons 😛 I totally have a hot date which is why I cannot partake in your friendship fiesta. But I guess if that falls through I could come. I’ve already started stocking up on spicy cinnamon hearts. Those things are great for disguising your tears of romantic lonliness as tears of tongue-on-fire pain. Not that I do that. I heard it from….Mark!

  3. -M

    Well, at least be happy you are being permitted to attend the party *chuckle*

    That wasnt a pity chuckle either.

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