coeur de pirate

In the mood today for Coeur de Pirate, an up-and-coming singer from Quebec. Half the time I have no idea what her lyrics mean, but I find her songs soothing nonetheless. French is such a poetic language, don’t you think? Check out her hit, “Comme des Enfants”, below:

Image from here.



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3 responses to “coeur de pirate

  1. seana

    what an amazing artist . She has a beautiful voice.

  2. seana

    I can’t stop listening to this song i almost have the chorus memorized:) I love it , it’s all i keep listening too. just an amazing song in general.Too bad i don’t own an ipod if i did i would have this song on there and i would listen to it over and over again.This is one song that I will never get tired of listening to .

    Thanks Rozamonde for introducing this song to me

  3. seana

    I forgot I found the song with an english translation below the french just type in comme des enfants with english translation.
    just thought you would like to know

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