the edge of love

“The Edge of Love” is a visually stunning film released in 2009. It tells the tale of the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, and the two loves of his life, Vera Phillips and Caitlin MacNamara. Dylan and his first love, Vera, grew up together in Wales but have since drifted apart. (Vera to singing in London and Dylan to writing propaganda films for the war effort.) Vera and Dylan remember their past romance when they meet in London in 1940, but at this point Dylan is married to the beautiful, adventurous Caitlin and Vera is being pursued by the handsome Officer William Killick.

Despite an obvious tie towards Dylan, Vera marries William and soon becomes pregnant. An unlikely friendship forms between Caitlin and Vera, and when William is sent off to war, Vera moves to Wales with her and Dylan.

Upon William’s return, he finds his wife much changed and is enraged by neighbourhood gossip as well as Dylan’s mockery of soldier-heroes. The film reaches its climax when William stages an aggressive attack on Dylan, bringing the foursome’s tumultuous relationships to an intense splitting point.

Starring Keira Knightley as Vera Phillips, Sienna Miller as Caitlin MacNamara, Matthew Ryhs as Dylan Thomas, and Cilian Murphy as William Killick.

Watch the trailer below:

Images from here. Click to enlarge.


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  1. alm9

    Sounds really cool!

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