delicately strong

Ballerinas have always fascinated me. As a pink-loving, giggly four-year-old I first fell in love, and years later I am still entranced. These delicate, graceful yet strong creatures are confident and beautiful. Their porcelain-like legs glide across the stage with such ease ( I have trouble walking down the hall at school without making a clumsy move – and I’m on flat feet!). I know all hope is lost for my career in ballet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t sit and watch the talent of the other poised people out there. If I can ever justify spending $75 on ticket, I will go and see The Nutcracker performed live. But for now these pictures are all I have (oh…and the tutu hidden in the back of my closet).


first 4 pictures: sources unknown.
5th picture from flickr.


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