kitchen fascination

“I always look at the fascination of diners coming through from the dining room into the kitchen…you can never get them out because they’re just totally amazed at what’s going on…”

– British chef Gordon Ramsay

The kitchen is where everything exciting happens at home. It’s where I learned (the hard way) not to touch – “it’s HOT!!!”. It’s where I snuck chunks of cookie dough from behind my mom’s back. It’s where I experimented (and desperately failed) with chocolate cake, and where I attempted (and triumphed!) at cauliflower soup. It’s where I laughed, and cried, and danced to my favourite songs on the radio. But I wish someday, for it to look like the kitchens below…

I would love to wash dishes (yes, I did just admit to wanting to wash dishes) in this kitchen. Imagine the gentle evening breeze that would pass through the window as you washed and dried, and sipped a steamy hot chocolate…

The old collection of books nestled under the beam is lovely, as are the well-used china cups hanging from the wall.

Ingenious! Black chalk-board paint on a pantry door – a cheap alternative to a bulletin board.

Wow – what a bright and informal space.

I have always had a love affair with open shelves and I believe I always will. (Silly, I know!)

A floor-to-ceiling collection of dishes – beautiful!

(But what if someone was putting up a picture frame in the next room, or there was an earthquake, or….)

~ Roz


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